The Sports Injury Rehab Process: What To Expect

Sports injury rehabilitation is a busy business. Those who participate in sports know that they are at risk of injuries, and they visit a sports injury rehabilitation specialist when they've suffered something significant. If you want to understand the role that sports injury rehabilitation plays in the injury recovery process, you need to actually understand the entire injury recovery process. Here's a look at some of the things that you need to know about injuries and the recovery process ahead of you. [Read More]

Why You Do Not Have To Put Up With Urinary Incontinence

For many women (and quite a few men as well) age brings with it the unfortunate problem of urinary incontinence. This is something that hundreds of thousands of people experience on a daily basis and can be very embarrassing. However, it does not have to be, as there are many health and medical professionals out there who would love to help you prevent this. Before you give up on being able to control your urination at all times, here are a few ways in which a doctor or urinary expert can help make your life a lot smoother and give you back your confidence. [Read More]

Undergoing Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

Back problems can be among the most debilitating problems that individuals can experience. When a person starts to experience significant back pain or other problems, they may have to undergo surgery in order to repair the damages that they have suffered. Do You Always Need To Wait Until Your Back Pain Becomes Severe To Undergo Spine Surgery? Many back problems will begin with somewhat mild symptoms. This can lead to individuals delaying spine surgery until the pain makes it hard for them to function. [Read More]

Reasons Why Health Practices Should Invest In Temperature Scanning Kiosks

Now more than ever is it important to keep your health practice safe for both patients and staff. One way you can do that is by checking the temperatures of all the different patients that walk through your doors. Then you can do a better job at screening for potential viruses. If your practice invests in a temperature scanning kiosk in particular, you'll have a lot of amazing capabilities.  Plug-and-Play Setup [Read More]