What You Should Know About ADHD And Depression

If you are a person that struggles with major depressive disorder, you may think that you could not possibly be dealing with any other mental health disorder in addition to your depression. However, the reality is that mental health disorders often co-occur and can overlap in a number of ways. If your doctor has recently referred you to an ADHD specialist for assessment as to whether you have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), you may be feeling unsure and confused. [Read More]

Caring For A Wound In The Wilderness

You are on a long backpacking trail, a mountain climbing excursion, or camping trip that has led you miles away from civilization and miles away from the nearest professional medical center. A slip, trip, or fall has left you with a nasty looking wound that is bleeding pretty profusely. What do you do? How can you keep the wound safe until you get back to a town where you can get medical attention? [Read More]

Open Heart Surgery And Short-Term Rehab

If you have an open heart surgery scheduled in your future, then you should understand that you will need to recuperate from the surgery. And while many people will do this in a hospital setting, other individuals will be asked to go to a rehabilitation center. Rehabilitation is important after heart surgery for a number of reasons and you will be expected to do certain things before you leave the short-term physical rehabilitation services center. [Read More]

3 Things You Need To Know About Hypothalamic Dysfunction

If you find that you are unable to get pregnant, even after a period of timing sexual intercourse to your ovulation schedule, you may suffer from infertility. There are numerous causes of infertility that can effect either the male or the female. One cause of female infertility is known as hypothalamic dysfunction. Read on to learn everything you need to know about this condition. 1. Hypothalamic Dysfunction Disrupts Ovulation In order to get pregnant, the female must ovulate (release an egg from the ovaries). [Read More]