Risk Factors For Degenerative Bone Diseases At A Young Age

The degenerative bone disease is a condition in which the cartilage in your bones, which cushion your joints from physical shock, breaks down. The disease is common in old age due to a lifetime of wear and tear, but old age isn't the only risk factor. Here are some of the reasons you may suffer from a degenerative bone disease at a relatively young age: You Frequently Lift Heavy Weights [Read More]

Why Family Doctor Visits To The Home Could Be The Future Of Medicine

In the olden days, a visit from the family doctor to nearby farms and homes was a very common practice. In some cases, this was the only way some elderly patients or those with no means of getting into town could get medical attention. That trend disappeared when more people purchased cars and technology improved so the doctor's equipment was no longer portable. In today's technological age, their equipment is being made more portable, and the home visit is coming back into fashion. [Read More]

Is Your Child Autistic And Needing Medical Care And Support? Tips For You

When you have a child that has been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, you may find yourself unsure of what you can or should do to care for them and to provide them with the best support possible. One of the steps you may need to take, depending on where your child falls on the autism spectrum scale, is to provide them with medical and psychological care and support to help them develop and grow. [Read More]

How to Reduce Your Risk of Developing Macular Degeneration

Early on in life, the risk of experiencing major changes to your vision or even going blind are fairly slim. However, as you age, your risk of disorders that can rob you of your vision increase. This includes macular degeneration, which can be caused by a lifetime of UV exposure. While sunglasses and avoiding the brightest hours of the day can help to reduce your risk, there's one step you can take that will help to reduce your risk all day long. [Read More]