Foot Pain And The Weekend Warrior: What You Need To Know

Whether you are going on a long walking tour, or you are jumping whole hog into a workout routine that only involves three-hour workouts on the weekends, you are very likely to encounter a lot of pain. A large part of that pain is going to be in your legs and feet. This "weekend warrior" approach to any exercise, even when you are on vacation, is not good for your feet. [Read More]

Helpful Services A Pediatrician Can Offer Your Child Throughout Their Development

An important role you have as a parent is making sure your child remains healthy. Part of this involves taking them to see a pediatrician, a medical practitioner who specializes in treating children. Taking your child to see one of these specialty doctors gives them access to the following medical services.  Physical Exams  Even if nothing seems to be wrong health-wise with your child, it's still important to take them to a pediatrician to have a physical exam performed. [Read More]