How Surgery Helps Prevent Hemorrhoid Complications For Those Who Read On The Toilet

Every time that you sit on a toilet, you take something to read even if you know you're not going to be there very long. Unfortunately, you're increasing your chance of developing hemorrhoids and suffering from problematic complications. Thankfully, surgery can help with this situation.

Reading on the Toilet May Trigger Hemorrhoids

The old cliché about reading while on the toilet may seem relatively harmless, but it can be an issue for many individuals. For example, sitting on the toilet and reading for too long puts a strain on your bowels that may cause hemorrhoids to develop and become very painful.

This situation is probably more common in older people than younger ones but can occur in just about anybody. For example, an older person reading the newspaper on the toilet may experience hemorrhoids as will a college student studying. And, unfortunately, both may experience complications.

Complications May Be a Problem

If you develop a hemorrhoid, you typically just need to wait for a few weeks for them to pass. However, trying to continue reading on the toilet even with a hemorrhoid could trigger complications. That's because sitting like this puts extra strain on the hemorrhoids that may cause injury.

For example, a hemorrhoid may burst and cause severe bleeding that is often quite painful. This rupture may lead to infections, if you don't' manage the site properly enough. And if an interior hemorrhoid ends up getting strangulated, you may experience extreme pain that requires surgery to manage.

How Surgery Helps

If you're concerned about hemorrhoids or have already developed one and want to avoid complications, talk to a general surgical specialist today. These individuals can schedule a surgical procedure to manage the pain in your body and will provide you with the help that you need to overcome this problem.

For example, surgery can help to either alleviate the pressure of a hemorrhoid or remove them from the body entirely. This type of general surgery is typically quite quick, though you may need to stay overnight once the surgery is over. That said, you'll feel better once the surgery is over.

So if you like reading on the toilet and are worried about hemorrhoids, make sure that you limit yourself as much as possible in this activity. Just as importantly, you need to stay in touch with a general surgery professional just in case you do develop hemorrhoids at any time.