Why You Do Not Have To Put Up With Urinary Incontinence

For many women (and quite a few men as well) age brings with it the unfortunate problem of urinary incontinence. This is something that hundreds of thousands of people experience on a daily basis and can be very embarrassing. However, it does not have to be, as there are many health and medical professionals out there who would love to help you prevent this. Before you give up on being able to control your urination at all times, here are a few ways in which a doctor or urinary expert can help make your life a lot smoother and give you back your confidence.

Lifestyle Changes

To manage your urinary incontinence you might have to adjust a few things in your life which may seem odd but can have quite a big impact. When using the bathroom you may need to consider spending a bit more time immediately afterward waiting to see if you need to go again. This is called double voiding and can help in those pesky situations where you just relieved yourself and have to go again when you are now in a compromised situation like a car. In addition, managing certain foods and drinks that cause you to urinate more can help prevent unwanted incontinence in some sufferers, and your doctor will help you discover what those are.

Surgical Or Medication

One route that can be taken once you have explored all others is surgery and/or medication. This is particularly appropriate for women who have had rough childbirth in the past, or those who have other underlying medical reasons for their urinary incontinence. Sometimes no matter what you do on your own you will not be able to manage your urinary incontinence to an acceptable degree. That doesn't mean that all hope is lost! There is a whole range of quick surgeries and simple medication that your doctor might suggest for you which can have a quite dramatic effect, so don't give up just yet. 


One of the main ways you can help manage your urinary incontinence is through specific exercises targeting that area around your bladder. Yes, it can feel funny and silly the first few times you do these exercises, and it is important to take them in good humor. But the results are no joke and many women (and men) have found that just by daily exercises and smart consumption of liquids they can almost entirely eradicate their urinary incontinence.