A Guide On HIV Prevention

Today, there are numerous tools available to prevent HIV infection. You can use strategies such as abstinence, condoms, and clean needles. However, the most promising method of HIV prevention is the use of pre-exposure prophylaxis and post-exposure prophylaxis drugs. These HIV prevention drugs are the subjects of the latest advances in HIV prevention research. Pre-exposure prophylaxis is the medication used to prevent HIV exposure through injection drug use or from sex. [Read More]

6 Signs You Need A Colonoscopy

A colonoscopy is a medical procedure that checks for abnormalities in your colon and rectum. During the procedure, your physician will put a colonoscope in your rectum. While the exam may seem intimidating at first, it is a quick procedure and may end up saving your life.  Here are a few signs that you should schedule a colonoscopy procedure soon. Other People In Your Family Have Had Colon Cancer If close relatives, like a parent or sibling, have been diagnosed with colon cancer in the past, you have a higher likelihood of developing the condition. [Read More]

Understanding The Designation Of A Lab Test As Preventive Or Diagnostic

Laboratory services are frequently prescribed to prevent or diagnose a medical condition. As you review the laboratory tests that your physician may order, you may be unable to decipher between the preventive lab services and those that are diagnostic. Here's a bit of information about preventive and diagnostic tests to help you understand how their designation. Preventive Lab Tests Preventive laboratory tests are designed to help your physicians discover medical issues before any symptoms actually present. [Read More]

Sleep Medicine: Types And Considerations

Complications surrounding sleep have long plagued many. Those who endure these complications often have trouble falling and staying asleep. Waking up constantly throughout the night or even waking up feeling unnaturally groggy can be detrimental to one's well-being. For those who suffer from a restless night's sleep, medication is an effective solution. There are methods ranging from prescriptions to natural medication options. Here is a look into some considerations when choosing to take a sleep medicine. [Read More]