3 Compounded Animal Medicines Options That Are Changing the Game

Having a sick animal can be so hard. Not only is it emotionally challenging to see your little buddy suffer, but it can also be extremely challenging to administer medications that could help them to get better. Many animals are hesitant to eat pills, and it can be expensive and painful to see them get injections. Fortunately, there are other options. If you have an animal that needs to take some medicine but you cannot get them to, have you thought of trying a compounded pet medication? [Read More]

Natural Digestive Enzyme Types and Uses

If you have common stomach issues and problems digesting foods, you might benefit from natural digestive enzymes. Certain conditions cause difficulty in natural enzyme production. Supplementation can help with digestion and allow you to continue to enjoy your favorite foods. If you want to know more about common digestive enzymes and their uses, continue reading. Common Natural Digestive Enzymes Non-prescription digestive enzymes generally come in three different forms. Each helps with a specific digestive problem. [Read More]

Can You Have A Stress Test If You Can't Walk?

When you think of a stress test, you probably picture someone running on a treadmill, right? If you're unable to walk, then, you may assume a stress test is just not something you can complete. But this is not the case. There are other ways to conduct a stress test, so you should still look into getting one if you're at risk for heart disease but are unable to walk. Generally, your cardiologist will do what's called a pharmacological stress test instead. [Read More]