3 Tips For Preparing Your Baby For Getting Their Check Up At The Pediatrician

If you are taking your baby into the pediatrician for a check up, it can be very helpful to do a few different things to best prepare for the appointment. This article will discuss 3 of these things. 

Feed Them Right Before 

You never know exactly how your baby is going to act when you take them to the doctor, but a great way to help keep them content and happy during their checkup is to feed them right before. This helps by giving them a full belly so that they aren't hungry during the visit and it may also make them more sleepy, so they are more content for the nurse and the doctor. You can also feed your baby right after they have received their shots at the end of the appointment, to calm them down and help them relax for the car ride home. 

Bring Medicine

Your baby is going to receive their current vaccinations at there check up appointment, which means that they may be in a bit of pain after they receive them. A great way to combat the pain of the shots is to give them a dose of infant pain reliever, that you have brought from home, soon after they have received their shots. Giving them the medicine before they actually feel the pain and soreness in their thigh can help them to never feel the full amount of pain. It can also help to combat the fever that generally comes along with receiving vaccinations. You can give them their pain reliever once they have calmed down, so that they don't cry and spit out their medicine. 

Put Them In Easy To Remove Clothes

During you baby's visit to the pediatrician, they are going to need to be stripped down to their diaper. This is done so that their weight can be correctly measured and so that the pediatrician can look at their body to make sure that they are growing and developing as they should. In order to make this process much easier for you, and save a great deal of time, you should dress your baby in an outfit that is easy to take off and put back on. A simple onesie in the summer is great, or a long sleeve pant romper in the winter is perfect as well. These outfits take just a couple of seconds to take off because they just have the simple snaps that need undone. They are also great for carefully putting back on a screaming baby who has just received their shots, without causing any added pain to their thigh area. 

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