3 Pieces Of Medical Equipment That Can Benefit You During Pregnancy

There are several pieces of medical equipment out there that are incredibly helpful and beneficial during pregnancy. This article will discuss 3 of them in more detail.

Ultrasound Machine 

Perhaps the most useful piece of medical equipment for you to use during pregnancy is an ultrasound machine. This machine can see your baby from a very early stage, and can monitor them throughout your entire pregnancy. Initially, the ultrasound machine will allow you to see your baby's heartbeat, your baby's size to determine how far along you are, and also how many babies you are carrying. As your pregnancy goes on, you will receive a comprehensive ultrasound that looks at the complete anatomy of your baby to see how they are developing and if they have any issues that you need to be aware of. They will look at all of their limbs extensively, their head and facial structures, the four chambers of their heart, their kidneys, and more. They will also look at the umbilical cord to make sure that it is giving the baby the proper amount of nutrition and also to check to see if it is wrapped around your baby anywhere. Lastly, ultrasound machines may even be used in the delivery room to check the placement of your baby for delivery. 

Fetal Heart Doppler Monitor 

Another important piece of medical equipment that is going to be used throughout the course of your pregnancy is a fetal heart doppler monitor. Since many medical facilities don't have enough ultrasound machines to give you an ultrasound during each of your appointments, they are instead going to use a fetal heart doppler monitor to check your baby's heart rate. They will be able to determine if your baby has a healthy heart rate using the doppler monitor, and it also gives you the opportunity to hear the heart beat out loud as well. if you'd like, you can even purchase a doppler monitor for at home use so that you can check your baby's heart rate yourself. 

Prenatal Cradle 

A piece of medical equipment that can help to relieve a lot of the pain that you may be feeling in your back and abdomen during pregnancy is a prenatal cradle. Your OBGYN may advise you to get one of these if you are experiencing excessive pain and need some extra support. This cradle is going to go around your entire belly, over your shoulders, and around your entire back. This whole structure helps to lift your stomach and fix your posture so that you don't feel as much stress in either area.