The Benefits You Can Expect from a Compounding Pharmacy

If you need to take several medications, vitamins, and supplements, and your doctor has given you a prescription to take to a compounding pharmacy, be happy. Working with a compound pharmacist can help you get control over the medication you have to put in your body. It's too easy to take the wrong combination or the wrong dosage when you are taking several pills each day and when you're using different pharmacies to fill your prescriptions. You'll find that using a compound pharmacy offers many benefits for you.

No Jagged Edges

Sometimes the best dosage of a medication for your body is not what you find in available pill sizes, and when that happens, you have to cut pills. That leaves jagged edges on the pill pieces that can hurt your throat if you're sensitive or have trouble swallowing. A compound pharmacy breaks down the medication you need and places the exact dose you want in a capsule, making it much easier to take.

Reduced Pill Numbers

Compound pharmacies also combine medications into one capsule, so if you have to take several small pills, the pharmacy could pulverize those into powder for one combined dose. That helps people who can swallow pills but who hate swallowing pills, as now they have to swallow fewer things. This is especially beneficial for people taking many medications, as pill-swallowing fatigue can quickly set in otherwise.

Better Dosage Control

Just as placing the exact dose in the capsule eliminates those jagged edges from pill cutting, it also gives you better control over what you're taking. Sometimes you're prescribed a certain dose because that's the available dose that's closest to what you really need. For more accurate dosing, a compound pharmacy is your best choice. Normally, getting a little bit more than what you need is not a problem. But if you're dealing with a medication that needs to be dispensed as accurately as possible, or you're taking a medication that has to be controlled well, you want the dose you take to be as accurate as possible relative to what you really need. Taking the prescription to a compound pharmacy allows you to get only what you need and no more.

Be sure your doctor knows about all of the medications and supplements you are taking from all prescriptions and not just the ones you have from this doctor. If you have any concerns about interactions, talk to the pharmacist at the compound pharmacy.

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