How Should You Clean A CPAP Machine And How Often Do You Need To Do It?

A CPAP machine is a vital medical device for someone who has sleep apnea. The constant pressure coming through the mask helps to keep airways open, reducing the number of sleep apnea episodes that occur during the night. Since a CPAP machine essentially forces air into the respiratory system, it's important to keep the entire machine clean. Respiratory infections from using a CPAP machine are quite rare, but a CPAP machine can potentially cause them if mold and bacteria are allowed to build up in the machine as these pathogens would be blown directly into the respiratory system. [Read More]

A Laboratory Information Management System Can Help Your Organization

Laboratories are thought to be some of the most clutter-free and organized spaces. However, these qualities aren't always displayed and are hard to maintain. While there are practical things that can be done to make a laboratory operate more efficiently, there are also technology-based upgrades that can be just as, if not more, beneficial to a laboratory facility. One of these features is a laboratory information management system. Learn how this upgrade can benefit your organization. [Read More]

How Surgery Helps Prevent Hemorrhoid Complications For Those Who Read On The Toilet

Every time that you sit on a toilet, you take something to read even if you know you're not going to be there very long. Unfortunately, you're increasing your chance of developing hemorrhoids and suffering from problematic complications. Thankfully, surgery can help with this situation. Reading on the Toilet May Trigger Hemorrhoids The old cliché about reading while on the toilet may seem relatively harmless, but it can be an issue for many individuals. [Read More]

How You Can Benefit From Weight Loss Programs

Of course, you want to lose weight quite quickly. However, losing weight fast should never be your first priority. You'll be more successful in really losing weight when you start off losing perhaps 1 to 2 pounds each week. This is an achievable goal when you start a new weight loss program. You should begin with a weight loss program that includes diet and exercise habits. Your initial goal will be to introduce changes that place you on track to losing weight and not returning to old habits. [Read More]