4 Treatments That Can Be Used for Dry Eyes

If you are currently suffering from dry eyes, you may be seeking help for the problem. Thankfully, there are several solutions that you can try yourself or that your eye doctor can use to help alleviate any discomfort you may be feeling because you have dry eyes. Take a look at the following treatments that you can use to help minimize any discomfort you may feel because of dry eyes.

Your Diet

A change in your diet can have a positive impact on dry eyes. Try eating a lot more foods with fatty acids. If you like eating fish you should try to eat a lot more sardines, mackerel, tuna, and even some salmon. These fish have a high fatty acid concentration and go a long way to help lubricate your eyes.

If you don't like fish, there are other options available. You can try eating foods that have been prepared with oils such as soybean, flaxseed, or palm. You can also buy supplements at the pharmacy and take those instead.

Use Eye Drops

One of the most common treatments for dry eyes is the use of eye drops. Eye drops help to lubricate the eye. If you're having severe difficulty with dry eyes, this is likely the first treatment your eye doctor will prescribe to help remove that dry gravel-like feeling from your eyes.

Try a Warm Compress

Another treatment that you can try at home is to use a warm compress over your eyes. Afterward, you can proceed to wash your eyelids with very mild baby shampoo. 

This may seem like a strange way to deal with this problem, but it works. Washing your eyelids with shampoo will release oil from glands in your eyelids. This will cause your eyes to become lubricated.

Change Your Contact Lenses

If you find out that wearing contact lenses has caused your eyes to become dry your doctor may suggest that you change the type of contact lenses that you use. 

You can get contact lenses that are specifically designed to prevent dry eyes. These special contact lenses will trap moisture on the surface of your eye and prevent your eyes from drying out

Preventing your eyes from drying out is something you must do to promote the health of your eyes. Dry eyes can be uncomfortable, and this discomfort can affect your everyday life. You can prevent this from happening by getting the right dry eye treatment.