The Benefits Of Getting Regular OBGYN Care To Protect Your Health

Your reproductive system can significantly influence your overall health. You need to take the best care of it to stay as healthy as possible. However, your primary care doctor may not offer the gynecological services you need. Instead, you can seek out care from a reputable OBGYN in your area.

Regular Pap Smears

One of the main reasons to become an OBGYN patient involves getting regular pap smears. Depending on your age, you may need to get one every few years. If you are older or nearing menopause, you may benefit from yearly pap smears to detect the presence of cancer or abnormal growths early.

Your primary care doctor may not offer pap smears as routine services in his or her office. When you become a patient of a local OBGYN, you can undergo regular pap smears and protect your reproductive health.

Yearly Breast Exams

Your OBGYN can also perform yearly breast exams to detect the presence of breast cancer early on. You may already perform self-exams at home. However, your self-exams might miss out on lumps that form in and around your breast tissue.

Your OBGYN has the medical training to perform a thorough breast exam every year for you. They can determine if there are lumps that may need biopsies performed on them. Your OBGYN may detect breast cancer early and give you the best chances of recovering from it.

Birth Control

Your OBGYN can also prescribe birth control for you. You may not know what kind of birth control is the best one to get on and use regularly. You may not be familiar with all of the varieties available to you.

Your OBGYN can tell you about the various forms of pills, implants and IUDs available to patients. They also help you choose the best one based on factors like your age, weight and overall state of health.

Detecting Pregnancy

Finally, your OBGYN can perform pregnancy tests if you believe you are pregnant. You can find out as early as possible to ensure you have a healthy pregnancy and the best chances of a safe delivery.

A professional OBGYN can offer critical services to patients. He or she can perform regular pap smears and breast exams to detect abnormalities or possible cancers as early as possible. This doctor can also prescribe birth control and test you for pregnancy if you suspect you may be expecting a baby.