Two Ways Your Kitchen Is Harming Your Back

Your home is supposed to be a place of peace and comfort. However, for many people, their home is actually a place of horror, particularly when it comes to the health of their back. You might be surprised to discover that your kitchen could actually be hurting your back. Familiarizing yourself with some of the things around your kitchen that could be putting the health of your back at risk, is important to your health and your comfort.

Dish Placement

If you're like most people, you likely spend a fair amount of time in your kitchen. Between cooking and serving food, reaching for dishes and pots is likely a task you complete a countless number of times. Make certain you aren't placing these items in a location that can actually strain your back. Avoid storing your dishes, pots and pans in a very high or low cabinet.

Place these items in a cabinet that is easy for you to reach without stretching upward or bending over. Over time, performing these movements repetitively can cause you to develop pain in your back. The less you have to strain to access these items, the better your back will feel. As an added bonus, it will also make the process of cooking more efficient and faster since everything you need is closer.

Standing Surfaces

Whether it's tile, hardwood or linoleum, most kitchens have hard floors. It's important to create something of a buffer between the floor and your feet. When you stand or walk on hard surfaces for an extended period of time this puts stress on your lower back. Hard surfaces have no give. Unlike softer surfaces that flex when you walk on them, hard surfaces cause your body to flex, eventually fatiguing your body and causing discomfort.

To combat this issue, place thick mats around each of the areas where you frequently stand, such as the kitchen sink and stove. If you aren't able to purchase mats, make certain you are wearing a comfortable shoe while cooking or taking frequent breaks to give your body a period of rest. If you really want to eliminate your risk of stress on your back, have a soft foam pad installed under your floor to give it some flexibility.

Don't let your kitchen kill your back. Take preventive measures to improve your experience in your kitchen, making it more enjoyable and preserving the health and comfort of your back at the same time. For more information, consult with a doctor or surgeon (like those at Southwest Florida Neurosurgical Associates)