Stick To Your Weight Loss Goals When Eating At Mexican Restaurants

You've been avoiding restaurants lately so you'll have an easier time achieving your weight loss goals. Now, however, you've been invited out to one of your favorite Mexican restaurants, and the prospect is very appealing. You feel that you need some sound advice on sticking with lower-calorie options while you're at this dining establishment. Fortunately, there are plenty of Mexican meals that have a reasonable number of calories; you can enjoy a delicious dinner without feeling deprived. 

Choose Lean Meats

Ground beef is prevalent on Mexican restaurant menus in the United States, but that's not a typical ingredient in authentic Mexican cuisine. Focus instead on meat choices you'd be more likely to find in Mexico, such as grilled chicken and fish. If you're not totally set on getting a meal with a wrap or a shell, try a Mexican fish dinner such as grilled or broiled tuna steak, halibut or trout.

Focus on Vegetables

Order a meal that comes with plenty of vegetables, such as a grilled veggie wrap or a fajita to which you can add specific portions of lean meat and vegetables. If you're ordering an item such as a chicken and cheese burrito, ask for sides of tomatoes and lettuce, which Mexican restaurants typically provide for free. Those are low-calorie ingredients that beef up the main course, so to speak.

Choose black beans instead of re-fried beans. Black beans have less fat and don't contain lard, which re-fried beans sometimes do.

Avoid Certain Foods

It's true that some Mexican food is high in calories. Avoid high-fat options such as deep-fried chimichangas and anything oversized, such as a burrito grande packed with beef, beans and cheese. 

Oddly enough, a taco salad isn't the best choice unless you can refrain from eating the deep-fried edible bowl.

In addition, the U.S. tradition of smothering Mexican food in cheese is not traditional to Mexico. Request that your dish come without that rich cheese sauce. Instead, you might ask for a small bowl of shredded cheese that you can add to your dinner. Steer clear of the guacamole and sour cream in favor of salsa.

Have Fun

With all the tasty possibilities, you'll feel satiated after eating your Mexican dinner, even though it's much lower in calories than you might typically consume at the restaurant. This is an excellent step forward, since you'll know you can have fun eating out and not succumb to temptation that distracts you from your weight loss goals.