Creative And Unique Ways To Deal With Grief

Although each situation is different and the details of every person's death may vary, one thing about navigating the death of a loved one is certain: there are a range of emotions that need to be dealt with during such a sensitive time. People of different ages, cultural backgrounds, and religious beliefs may best deal with their grief differently, so don't assume that someone is not grieving correctly simply because they are not expressing it in the same way that you are. Whether the loved one's passing was a surprise that shocked friends and family or something that had been expected for some time, it is rare that any kind of preparation can ease the grief of the heart during a loss. If you personally are struggling with finding ways to express what you're feeling (or have children that you would like to help in the process), you may find solace in some of these creative and unique ways to deal with grief.

Finding Creativity in Hard Times

There are all sorts of creative ways to express your grief and remember your loved one in an appropriate way. Keep in mind that everyone navigates grief differently, so some of these ideas may work better than others. The important thing to remember is that the way you choose to handle the process is best, because only you truly know what is helping you personally.

  • Consider writing a letter to the person who has died, putting onto paper whatever comes to mind. Keep in mind that the stages of grief include denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance, so don't feel bad about writing down what you're feeling. Putting your thoughts onto paper in the form of a letter can help to better verbalize all of the things that are flying around in your mind, and therefore can help you to calm your mind.
  • If you are good with instruments or singing, consider writing a song or musical composition to honor your loved one.
  • Making a craft, painting, or engaging in another form of art can be a great way not only for adults to express their grief, but also for children to draw on paper the thoughts they can't yet find the words to express.
  • If you enjoy sewing projects, you may be interested in making a memory quilt. Instead of getting rid of the individual's clothing (shirts, dresses, ties, etc), consider learning how to incorporate these items into a giant quilt that will be used for years to come.

For more information and help with handling grief in a healthy, productive way, contact a company that offers grief counseling, such as Gillies Funeral Chapel.