Three Potential Reasons That You Might Always Feel Tired

Constantly feeling tired can affect your day in many unpleasant ways. You might feel more short-tempered with family members and lack the energy to pursue various projects or hobbies, for example. While it might be tempting to battle your fatigue with caffeine, it's important to learn whether there's a specific reason that you feel tired. Rather than trying to make this determination yourself, you shouldn't hesitate to visit your family doctor's office. They'll ask you all sorts of questions to narrow down the reason for your fatigue. Here are three things that might be contributing.

Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a breathing condition that affects people to varying degrees. This ailment restricts the amount of oxygen that you can take in while you sleep, which often results in you waking up several times a night. The frequent sleep interruptions will often leave you tired in the morning. There are many warning signs that you could have sleep apnea, including snoring and breathing difficulties. A partner will often notice these signs and share them with you, but this isn't possible if you sleep alone. Your doctor may suspect that sleep apnea is the reason behind your constant fatigue, and arrange testing at a sleep clinic.


When you have allergies, you'll often contend with a lengthy list of symptoms. Although most people think of a stuffy nose and puffy eyes as being the main indicators of allergies, there are many other issues that can be at play. Some people experience fatigue as a result of one or more allergies — often with a few other symptoms. When you describe exactly what you're dealing with, your doctor could suspect that you have allergies and decide to send you for testing.


It's always worthwhile to consider whether one or more medications that you take could be causing your fatigue. Most forms of medication have multiple side effects. Some will outright make you tired, while others can disrupt your sleep quality and leave you feeling fatigued in the morning. If you're taking medication, your doctor will likely review them with you to discuss whether they might be the cause of this issue. When possible, the doctor may switch a medication that could be contributing to your fatigue with another that doesn't have this side effect. Don't be afraid to bring up your constant fatigue with your family doctor, as they will be able to help in several ways.

Reach out to your local doctor's office to learn more.