3 Compounded Animal Medicines Options That Are Changing the Game

Having a sick animal can be so hard. Not only is it emotionally challenging to see your little buddy suffer, but it can also be extremely challenging to administer medications that could help them to get better. Many animals are hesitant to eat pills, and it can be expensive and painful to see them get injections. Fortunately, there are other options. If you have an animal that needs to take some medicine but you cannot get them to, have you thought of trying a compounded pet medication?

When a medication is compounded that means the form in which it is administered has been changed. For example, there are several different ways a regular pill can be compounded so that it will be easier to get into your animal's body. Some of these compound methods include:

Oral Suspensions

An oral suspension is when a pill or tablet is made into a syrupy liquid that can then be administered in small amounts over time. In the human world, most medications are given in oral suspensions to small children and babies, so it makes sense that this method would work well for your fur baby as well. Oral suspensions are often made to be sweet so they taste more like a treat instead of medication. 

Flavored Pills

Some medications have a very bitter taste, which isn't a problem when they are swallowed quickly. However, most dogs try to chew their pills, and a bitter tablet can make them want to spit out whatever they have not yet swallowed. This makes it really hard to know just how much of the medication is actually going into their system. For this reason, compound pharmacies can actually flavor your animal's pills to taste like something they enjoy. For cats, a fishy taste makes them much more likely to take their meds. For dogs, a meat flavor usually does the trick. Flavored pills can turn medicine time into treat time. 

Transdermal Gel

If your pet has been extremely nauseous, you may want to look into getting them a transdermal gel with their medication infused into it. This will require shaving down one of your pet's wrists to the skin, but then you can just rub some medication in that area and it will soak in through the skin instead of watching them vomit their pills. 

If your pet is sick and you can't get them to take their medicine, try a compounded medication instead. There are thousands of pharmacies across the nation that will compound medications. Find the one nearest you, and then get your pet feeling better.