How Tinnitus Treatment Helps Piano Players

Piano players need to be able to hear what they are playing to prevent confusion and difficulties that may worsen their performances. Tinnitus is a hearing impairment that may cause problems that threaten a piano player's career and livelihood. Thankfully, there are many types of treatments available that work to manage this problem and make it less persistent.

Tinnitus Can Complicate Piano Playing

Tinnitus is a constant ringing in the ears that is caused by some types of hearing damage. When it occurs, it can be very distracting and cause a piano player many difficulties. For example, the ringing could distract them as they play or cause them to hear harmonies and melodies improperly, worsening their playing and causing mistakes that they wouldn't otherwise make.

While a good player may be able to ignore this ringing sound, others may not and could end up experiencing complications with their hearing that makes their performances and practices very tough. Thankfully, those who are going through this issue have the opportunity to get treatment that can decrease the intensity of this problem and make it easier to tolerate.

Tinnitus Treatment is Available

Tinnitus has a handful of different treatments that can help piano players keep themselves focused. For example, hearing protection may be necessary when not playing to keep this issue from getting worse. They may also need to turn down the volume on their piano or its amplifier or wear headphones during concerts to avoid worsening problems, to keep their ears safe. Often, these headphones can be adjusted to include various types of sound-canceling options that help to decrease the volume of exterior sounds.

However, there are also steps to take to improve cardiovascular health, which helps to decrease some symptoms by stopping the sound of rushing blood that may worsen tinnitus. Exercise can help a person lose weight and get back into shape. Decreasing their weight can also stop high blood pressure, managing a health issue that can impact their hearing. These steps also help their overall health and make them stronger.

These treatment methods are usually applied by a hearing expert who understands the demands that this hearing damage puts on a piano player's life. And by using these and other prevention methods — such as wearing hearing protection whenever exposed to loud sounds — a pianist can keep their tinnitus from worsening.

For more information about potential tinnitus hearing treatment, contact a local hearing professional.