3 Birth Control Methods Women Should Consider

If you're a woman and are sexually active, there's always the chance of getting pregnant. If you're not ready for this miraculous experience just yet, there are plenty of birth control methods you can consider. Here are some of the most commonly used birth control methods and a breakdown of how they work.

Birth Control Patch 

One of the more simple birth control methods currently available to women is a birth control patch. It's extremely easy to use. All you need to do is secure it to a part of your body, which can include your stomach, bottom, back, or upper arm.

It's so effective because it releases a special hormone, which is proven to prevent pregnancy by stopping ovaries from releasing eggs. In order for it to be effective, though, you need to change the patch at certain time intervals. These will be labeled on the box so you can easily follow the correct protocol. 

Birth Control Implant 

A more in-depth procedure for preventing pregnancy is having a birth control implant placed inside your body. The implant is very thin and small, much like a matchstick. The great thing about this implant is that it can last for a very long time, and you'll hardly notice it inside your body. 

Usually, the implant is placed in your upper arm by a credentialed physician. After the implant is installed, the hormone progestin is released. It is designed to thicken mucus around your cervix. As a result, sperm is not able to come in contact with your eggs. This implant is one of the most effective pregnancy prevention methods available.

Birth Control Pill 

Perhaps the most common and popular birth control method used today is taking birth control pills. This method is extremely affordable, and there are many brands you can choose from. The hormones found in these pills are designed to stop ovulation.

If you go with this option, there are some tips you need to keep in mind. For example, since you're required to take this pill every day, you need to set reminders on your phone. It's also helpful to let those in your household know that you're on the pill so they can also help remind you. Finally, follow your doctor's recommendations as far as what pill brand to use. 

Giving birth to a baby is an incredible experience, but you may not be ready for this life-long commitment. Fortunately, there are plenty of birth control options you can consider. Assess each type and choose a method that you're most comfortable with.

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