Risk Factors For Degenerative Bone Diseases At A Young Age

The degenerative bone disease is a condition in which the cartilage in your bones, which cushion your joints from physical shock, breaks down. The disease is common in old age due to a lifetime of wear and tear, but old age isn't the only risk factor. Here are some of the reasons you may suffer from a degenerative bone disease at a relatively young age:

You Frequently Lift Heavy Weights

Carrying weight places considerable weight on your joints, especially the joints that have to bear the weights directly. For example, when loading or offloading heavy boxes off a truck, the joints in your legs, arms and back all have to bear the weight directly. Therefore, if you do this job on a regular basis, expect joints on those areas of the body to wear out faster than other joints. It is for the same reason

You Are Obese

Being overweight is just like carrying weight; in fact, it is worse because you will be carrying the weight at all times. This means that an overweight person is likely to suffer degenerative bone disease just like a manual laborer who engages in weight carrying every day. The good news is that, for an overweight person, even a small reduction in body weight results in a significant reduction of stress on the relevant joints such as the knees.

You Are a Smoker

Smoking, or rather the chemicals in tobacco, affects all tissues in the body, including the cartilage. In fact, there is clear evidence that smoking is responsible for a good number of degenerative disc (spinal disc) conditions. This is mainly due to the toxic effect of nicotine on the cells.

You Have a Deformed Bone

Having a deformed bone, whether congenitally or after an accident, also increases your risks of developing a degenerative bone disease. This is because a deformity interferes with the manner in which your bones meet or the cushioning effect of the cartilage. It may also interfere with the distribution of weight on the joint.

You Are Genetically Predisposed To the Disease

Lastly, some people have genes that make them more likely to suffer from a degenerative bone disease than others. Since this is something you are born with, there isn't much you can do about it. However, you can minimize the genetic effect by controlling the other factors that may increase your risk of the disease. For example, you should avoid smoking and keep your weight within a healthy limit.

Don't lose hope, however, if you are already struggling with a degenerative bone disease. Consult an orthopedic surgeon at a medical center like Surgery Center of Kenai to help you figure out your best course of treatment.