3 Tips For Helping Your Baby Or Toddler Get Over A Sinus Infection

It is never easy when your child gets sick because you often feel helpless and wish you could be sick instead of them. This is true when your child gets a sinus infection. All you want to do is reduce as much pain and discomfort as you can and help them feel better as soon as possible. While your infant or toddler is too young to take almost all cold medicines, there are still other things that you can do to help them get over their sinus infection. This article will discuss 3 tips for helping your baby or toddler get over a sinus infection. 

Use Saline And A Nose Sucker To Remove Mucus

Removing the build up of mucus from their nose can help them to breath better and can make them more comfortable. Removing this snot can also stop the mucus from running down the back of their throat and irritating it, causing them to cough or even vomit. To remove this snot, use a combination of saline solution and a nose sucker. You will first place a few drops of the saline solution in each of your child's nostrils to help loosen the mucus. You will then use the nose sucker to successfully remove the loosened mucus from their nose. 

Invest In A Humidifier

When your child has a sinus infection, they likely have a dry and scratchy throat that causes them a great deal of irritation and pain. This dry throat is directly effected by the level of moisture in the air, which can be especially dry in the winter time. In order to restore some added moisture to the air and to help your child's throat, you should purchase a humidifier. Place this humidifier in the room where your child spends most of their time, so that they can reap the benefits of breathing in moist air. 

Antibiotics If Necessary 

If you find that your child doesn't seem to be getting better by following the previous tips and other natural remedies, then it is a good idea to take them into the doctor to see if they need antibiotics. You may find that your child has a sinus infection on top of something else, or simply that they have a severe sinus infection that needs medication to go away. Either way, taking them into the doctor will give you the help and the information that you need to get your child better. For more information, contact a clinic like the Asthma And Allergy Center.