Ordering Your Prescription Glasses

When you need to wear prescription glasses, you want them to be as comfortable as possible in every way imaginable. This is especially important if you need to wear your glasses most of the time. Anything you want to be added to them needs to be specified when you order them. This article will introduce you to some of the options you may want to consider.

Glass or plastic lenses

There are many benefits to going with plastic lenses over glass ones. In fact, in most cases it is assumed that most glasses are to come in plastic, unless you specify you want glass lenses. Plastic lenses are lightweight, making them more comfortable. However, glass lenses don't scratch as easily, and this makes them the better option if you are hard on your glasses or work in a profession that puts them at risk of scratching regularly.

Tinting of different types

You can have a tint applied to your lenses that gets darker when you go outdoors. This takes away the need for getting a pair of prescription sunglasses. Along with choosing between light, medium and dark tint, you can also choose the color of tint you want. You can choose such tints as orange, pink, purple, green, blue, brown, yellow, and others.


If you are farsighted and nearsighted, then you have trouble seeing things far away and close up. You can purchase two pairs of glasses and switch back and forth when you want to read or do something else that requires you to see small objects close to you, or you can choose to get bifocals. Bifocal glasses have a small section near the bottom of the lenses that has a different prescription so you can see things close up by looking through the bottom of your glasses.

High fashion frames

If you are a person who's very into fashion, you can wear your prescription glasses as a fashion accessory by going with high fashion frames. Some frames even have jewels in them so you can add some sparkle to your eyewear.

When you put extra thought into the glasses you are ordering, you will increase the chances that you will be completely satisfied with them when they come in. This will also increase the likeliness that you will wear them as much as you are supposed to and not tuck them away in a drawer somewhere in your house. Look at sites like http://www.aspeneyewear.com to see more options.