Wheelchair Tips: Guide To Prepare For Your Manual Wheelchair

Getting used to a independent manual wheelchair takes a little time. The following guide will help you get used to your new manual wheelchair and help prepare your home for your new lifestyle. 

Proper Wheelchair Preparation

Handling a manual wheelchair does require that you take certain safety precautions. So make sure you pay attention to the following suggestions:

  1. Keep your nails trimmed to prevent your nails from bending, scratching, or breaking. This happens because the handle rip is near the wheels, which can hurt your nails if you are moving quickly.
  2. Consider using gloves to keep the palms of your hands safe. Your tires will get very hot, especially when you are trying to brake due to friction. 

Get Your Body Ready

You can't use your wheelchair easily without having upper body strength. The following exercises should help you gain some strength to help you control your wheelchair better:

  1. Lift items or weights in the hammer curl style to work on your biceps.
  2. Try to do some exercises to strengthen your stomach. You can suck in your belly button and hold for at least a minute a few times a day. You can also do side bends to work out your waist muscles.

Easy Steps To Prepare Your Home 

You must know the specs of your wheelchair and consider your own height to prepare your home for your new lifestyle. For example, the average adult wheelchair is around 50 inches long and 32 inches wide. And you still have to factor in your foot size and height to this equation. You will need at least 60 inches of space around your home, should your wheelchair be around this size, so that you can make a full 360 degree spin. 

You should also know that most wheelchair chairs seat you around 20 inches from the ground. That means that everything needs to be near you so that you may be able to reach it. For example, the door handles should not be higher than 48 inches. 

Make sure your toilet seat is low enough to easily position yourself on top of it, too. You should also ensure that there are no cracks or bumps higher than 1/4 of an inch from the floor. With enough speed, small bumps with a height like the aforementioned can put you in danger of being catapulted from your wheelchair. 

As you can see, there are a few things to consider before settling into your new lifestyle to be comfortable, independent, and safe. For more information about mobility aids, contact a company like Twin City Stair Lifts.