Three Conditions Chiropractors Can Treat Effectively In Women

Ladies, did you know that chiropractors are concerned about more than just your back?  While it feels amazing to get your spine adjusted, you'll be happy to know that chiropractors don't just have your back—they can help with other parts of your body as well. Here are three conditions chiropractors have been effective in treating for women.


According to the Migraine Research Foundation, nearly 36 million people in the United States are affected by migraine headaches with women being a majority of these sufferers. Migraines are much worse than the average every day headache and are completely debilitating. Traditional medicine offers little to help relieve pain. Most doctors prescribe drugs, but they can be expensive and ineffective. If you have tried everything, you might want to call your chiropractor or find one who can help you. Studies show chiropractic care is an effective way to treat migraine headaches.


The options to treat women who have painful menstrual cycles are either ineffective or have known side effects. For instance, some forms of birth control prescribed to women to alleviate their pain have been linked to breast cancer. Inflammatory steroids, which are also sometimes prescribed, can cause gastrointestinal problems if used for long periods of time. Chiropractic medicine offers a drug-free alternative for women who have debilitating pain with their cycles. Chiropractic medicine works because the sexual organs of a woman get nerve supply from the spine. When the spine is adjusted, it helps to alleviate the pain.


Pregnancy is not a sickness, disease or illness, but there can be some negative symptoms associated with being pregnant. It's common knowledge that pregnant women have an increased chance of back pain, so it makes sense that a chiropractor can help alleviate this symptom associated with pregnancy. What some women may not realize are the added benefits of having chiropractic care during pregnancy. Women have less pain during the actual delivery because pelvic bones get aligned which makes it easier for the baby to pass through the birthing canal.

If you are a woman who has any of the above symptoms or conditions and have exhausted all other options, it might be time to see your chiropractor or find one who can help you. While most chiropractors focus on spinal manipulations as a way to treat back pain, there are others who specialize in other areas and can assist with a myriad of conditions.